To Win the Customer Satisfaction and to Product Best Qualitative Product are the Ultimate Goal Our Company.
"Tian Shwu Co., Ltd.," established in 1984, is an experienced plastic injection molded product manufacturer with decades of experience. We have built a solid reputation in the field and have successfully penetrated markets around the world,including USA,Middle East,Japan,and numerous of countries in Europe.With a full range of facilites,we are capable of producing a wide range of products.From small parts to components,we use advanced technology to manufacture high-quality products.To win the customer satisfaction and to produce best qualitative products are the ultimate goal our company.

With the prolong knowledge of the plastic material and injection products,we present the superior quality to our customers.Further,in terms of quality assurance we have various testing machines that are qualified to meet the international standard.Every process is tested from the material to the product in order to ensure all the processes are strictly controlled.We also focus on the employee knowledge training with the products.Overall,through unfaltering attention to detail we demand to meet customers' specific requirements precisely to meet their satisfaction on quality of the products.In order to be more strictly controlled the quality of the production from the beginning to the end,we establish the plastic extrusion material department.

In addition, our molding department is capable to provide the customer shortest developing period from the new 3D design to completion of producrts all be made from our factory.With molding,extrusion,and injection departments,we are able to provide the best molding and product cost which allow our customer to gain the competitive advantage in the market.

Quality Management Department

  • Spectrometer
  • Static Base Tester
  • Harden Tester
  • Material Electric Furnace
  • Universal Impact Tester
  • Dynamic Base Tster
  • Computer Servo Control Material Testing Machine
  • Vertical,Horizontal Back & Seating Tester
  • Sample Cutter For Impact Test Machine

Injection Department

  • 110T:1 Unit
  • 180T:1 Unit
  • 280T:1 Unit
  • 370T:2 Unit
  • 450T:2 Unit
  • 550T:2 Unit
  • 800T:2 Unit

Extrusion Department

  • 72 Twin Screw Extruder Production Line Machine
  • 62 Twin Screw Extruder Production Line Machine
  • Extruder Production Line Machine

Molding Department

  • NC EDM
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Wire Cut Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Welding Machine

Design Department

  • 2D Assembly Drawing
  • 2D Part Drawing
  • Design Package
  • Prototyping Services